What is the PCC?

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the executive committee of a Church of England parish and consists of the clergy and churchwardens of the parish, together with representatives of the laity.

Legally the council is responsible for the financial affairs of the church parish and the maintenance of its assets, such as churches and church halls, and promoting the mission of the church.


Who is on St Peter's PCC?

The 2017 PCC members are:

Churchwardens: John Cormode and Catherine Duggleby

Deputy Churchwardens - John French and Richard Hann


Lay chairman - Richard Hann
Vice chair - John Cormode
Treasurer - Clive Mills
PCC Secretary - Jennifer Oldroyd
Electoral Roll officer - Jennifer Oldroyd
Church Terrier officer - Jennifer Oldroyd
Website co-ordinator - Storm Hann
Safeguarding Co-ordinator and deputies  - Jay Ashworth and Nick Thompson
Project Manager for church fabric and Quinquennial works (Not on PCC) - Ian Tindall
Health and Safety Advisor to Churchwardens, Deputies and Chair - John French
DBS Administrator - Catherine Duggleby
Children and Youth Work Co-ordinator - Rachel Bickersteth

Deanary Synod Reps - Paul Wenham, Jennifer Oldroyd

Margaret Mills 

Tina French

Standing Committee.  Chair, Wardens, Deputy Wardens, Treasurer and Secretary






1.    Churchwarden (CD)
● Church service planning and content
● Liaison and establishing strong relationships
with visiting clergy
● Service rotas and liaison with service leaders
and church family participants, with additional
support as needed
● Co-ordinating before and after service duties
● First point of contact for weddings, funerals,
baptisms, visiting groups etc
● Support and co-ordination with Verger/Special
service co-ordinator
● Co-ordinating housegroups
● DBS Administrator
● Liaison with Bell ringers and ACT over service
duties and ringing times

2.    Churchwarden (JC)
● General communication with church family
● Primary contact for a replacement incumbent
and direct liaison with Diocese, Archdeacon and
Patron’s Representative/ Patrons of ACT

● Vice-Chair of PCC
● Direct liaison and support of both Treasurer (DA)
and Project Manager for Church Fabric and
Quinquennial Works (IT)
● Pastoral Care Co-ordinator
● Men’s Breakfast shared leadership
● Before and after service duties



3.    Deputy Warden (RH)
● Chair of PCC: Chairing meetings, setting agendas
and confirming minutes with Churchwardens, and
liaison with secretary
● Supporting the Churchwardens with specific
advice as required in the execution of their duties
● Before and after Service Duties
● Liaison with village outdoor events and functions

4.    Deputy Warden (JF)
●    Supports Churchwardens, Chair of PCC and Project
Manager for Church Fabric and Quinquennial Works with specialist advice/knowledge

● Health and Safety support of Church-wardens, Chair of PCC and PCC
● Reactive church maintenance
● Liaison with ACT over specific joint fabric matters
● Supports Verger/Special Services Co-ordinator, particularly using village connections and knowledge
● Men’s Breakfast shared leadership with Churchwarden
● Before and after Service Duties

5.    Standing Committee for very limited Extraordinary Meetings outside of monthly meetings:

Churchwardens (CD/JC), Deputy Wardens (RH/JF) including Chair of PCC, Treasurer (DA) and Secretary (JO).

6.    Treasurer (CM)


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