Community Activity

Below are a range of activities that the church community is involved with and others that we support in some way.



Pastoral Care


“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.”  John 14:27


Sometimes we face particular crises in our lives and we may need help.  Ashburnham Church seeks to provide such help and support to any who are sick in hospital or at home, recently bereaved, or isolated through a lack of mobility or old age.  Please get in touch with any of the people below, who will be happy to have an initial discussion about how we can be of help.

We also welcome requests for prayer.  We have two prayer points: one on the notice board at the foot of the steps into the churchyard, and one just inside the church door. All requests for prayer are held in strict confidence.


Vicar:  The Revd Peter Walker,

Tel: 01424 892941



Other members of the pastoral team:

John Cormode, Tel: 01424 848415 ;


Storm Hann Tel: 01424 893130;


John French, Catherine Duggleby, Jennifer Oldroyd, RichardHann.


Prayer Requests

We firmly believe that prayer is effective, and we welcome requests for prayer. We have two prayer points – one outside under the main Welcome notice at the foot of the church pathway and the other inside the church entrance door. There are cards and pens available for use. You are also welcome to contact myself as vicar or a member of the pastoral team direct. Requests will be prayed for on a regular basis and held in strict confidence. 



Men's breakfast


The following will be held at Ashburnham Place beginning promptly at 8.30am. To book your place please contact:


John French - 01424 892580 or email

Richard Hann - 01424 893130 or email

A donation on the day of £5 to cover the cost would be welcome 



  • Kitchen Garden Manager & Employability Co-ordinator, Ashburnham Place
  • Will talk about “From Barren Ground to Fertile Soil: A Personal Journey”
  • At the age of 15 Nick first considered taking his life: Hear the story of Nick’s walk battling depression that has led him and his family to pioneer work with the poor and marginalized in Hastings and Bexhill growing produce nature’s way at Ashburnham Place.



  • The New Priest in Charge of Ashburnham with Penhurst
  • Will talk about “My Boomerang Won’t Come Back”
  • Adventures of An English Clergyman Down Under



  • The Bishop of Lewes
  • Will talk about “Real Men… How to be Manly”



  • Project Manager & Administrator Matthew 25 Mission, Eastbourne
  • Will talk about “The Issue With My Pants….”
  • The Mission in Eastbourne is a Monday to Friday drop in centre which aims to support the Town’s vulnerable people trying to rebuild broken lives. For example, those with addictions, loneliness, homelessness, bereavement, offending and other challenges – by offering practical help, support and maintaining links of compassion and friendship


  • Team Leader & Pastor of Battle Baptist Church
  • Will talk about “Bungee Jumping By Faith”
  • In 1994 God healed Ed from leukemia: as a result he decided to live each day as if it were his last! Hear a story of crazy ideas, life changing moments, decisions that seemed good at the time and a journey with God that’s taken Ed and his family at times to the edge… when they’ve let go and trusted him.

The Filling Station

Giving and Support

Help us to support the Bexhill Food Bank by donating tinned goods. You can bring items along when you come to church and place them in the basket in the porch.  In order of urgency, the following items are needed: tinned meat (corned beef, ham, luncheon meat), tinned fish, tinned vegetables, tinned sponge puddings, tinned rice pudding, small jars of jam and marmalade, small jars of peanut butter, small tins fruit, tinned tomatoes, instant mashed potato, custard and cereals. Please check “use by” dates and ensure the items all have at least three months’ shelf life.



We, as a church, support a number of organisations with both prayer and financial aid each year as part of our giving. For 2017-18 we are helping the following:


Kasama - creating safe spaces

Kasama is a physical and online community that aims to offer Safe Spaces, to explore the following:

* Love Without Prejudice
* The Spirituality of Jesus
* Forgiveness and the Possibility of Reconciliation
* Being Human



Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue is a local fundraising body supporting charities promoting mental well-being and awareness of suicide and depression. These include Winston's Wish and Dragonflies who both support bereaved children. It was established by the family of Will Beckett, a local man who took his own life at Beachy Head in January 2013, at the age of 42. Our contact person is Jay Ashworth.


Life And More Abundant Ministries

LAMA recently marked 25 years of nurturing children and strengthening families in the Philippine Islands.  Lesley and Peter Gomez provide education and support services to teenage boys in a family setting, including runaway teens, at-risk children and youth, and developmentally, emotionally and behaviorally challenged children. LAMA House cannot replace a healthy family unit, but they seek to help the boys in their care enter into a personal relationship with God, who can break the patterns of abuse and dysfunction that cripple so many of them. Our contact people are Ian and Pat Tindall.


Hastings Street Pastors

Street Pastors is an inter-denominational Christian response to urban problems, engaging with people on the streets of our towns and cities to care, listen and dialogue. On Friday and Saturday nights, from 10pm to 3am, 48 Street Pastors drawn from 25 churches across East Sussex are on rota to patrol Hastings Town Centre and Old Town hotspots. In teams of four to six people, they are always backed up by a Prayer Team at their resident base at the Prayer Centre in the basement of Wellington Square Church. 
Coordinator Martin West can be contacted on 07864 167870 for more information. Or speak to our Churchwarden, Catherine Duggleby, if you would like to join her – either as a Street Pastor, or as a Prayer Partner.


Penhurst Retreat Centre Missionary Bursary Fund

Penhurst Retreat Centre runs regular retreats for small groups and individuals, and in particular offers a breathing space to those working full time for God as missionaries or Christian workers.  The Bursary Fund enables those who would not otherwise be able to afford the fees to come and spend a restorative few days at the Centre.  Richard and Storm Hann will be happy to answer any questions about the Fund, or about their programme of events.They can be contacted on 01424 892088, or at  

Ashburnham Christian Trust Bursary Fund

The Ashburnham Christian Trust is dependent on young volunteers who come from countries all over the world to help with the work of the conference centre.  Consistently for these young people their stay has life-changing and future-shaping consequences, and they return to their home countries with their faith deepened, their world view expanded, and with a determination to be salt and light to their home nation.  Each volunteer is responsible for raising the money to pay for their return flights, and their visas for the UK.  Some come from countries where poverty restricts their ability to buy their air tickets, and a bursary scheme has been set up to help these young people come to Ashburnham and have what is hoped will be a life-changing experience. 

Our contributions will also support the Care and Recovery project at Ashburnham Place - caring for and helping  people who are vulnerable or rebuilding after life crises to return to healthy, sustainable and inter-dependent living. 


For more details, contact Paul Wenham at Ashburnham Place on



The Filling Station at Ashburnham Place is an informal way of expressing the Christian Faith.


We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7.15pm in the Great Hall, Ashburnham Place for fellowship, worship, teaching and prayer.


The Filling Station offers high quality speakers and teachers, contemporary sung worship and powerful, accessible prayer ministry. Many people meet God through these meetings and faith is built up.  


For more details contact Catherine 0n 01580 881816 or

Coming up in 2018:

February – 12th in the Prayer Centre - Speaker Emma Morton, Worship Leader Gerry Page.

March – 12th in the Great Hall- Speaker Charles Whitehead, Worship Leader Hannah Latty           

April – 9th in the Great Hall - Speaker Hugh Osgood, Worship Leader Gerry Page

May – 14th in the Great Hall - Speaker James Nickols, Worship Leader Mark Hirst

June – 12th (Tuesday) in the Great Hall - Speaker Paul Wenham, Worship Leader Andy Mills

July – 9th in the Great Hall - Speaker Justyn Larcombe, Worship Leader Gerry Page

August – No Meeting

September – 10th   in the Great Hall - Speaker TBC, Worship Leader Mark Hirst                                        

October – 8th in the Prayer Centre - Speaker Kay Smith, Worship Leader Hannah Latty     

November – 12th in the Great Hall - SpeakerTBC, Worship Leader Gerry Page         

December – 10th in the Great Hall - SpeakerTBC, Worship Leader Wes Hinsley



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