Children and Youth at St Peter's

At St Peter’s we aim to build a true church family; having children in our fellowship is a delight and a responsibility. Please support us in prayer as we seek to encourage our children in their journey of faith. 

Our Sunday school and Sunday Club meet on the second, third and fourth Sundays in the Church Hall and the Prayer Centre respectively. On the first Sunday of the month the whole church family usually worships together. 

Play Cafe

(Parent and Toddler Group) meets every Wednesday morning during term time from 10am until 12 noon in the Church Hall

Adults must be accompanied by at least one baby or toddler. All are very welcome to come for coffee, chatter and play. Plenty of fun… we have a broad range of toys, organised creative messy play, outside garden, a book corner, quiet space for the tiny tots, singing and story-time. It would be really great to see you, so please feel free to come along and check us out.

more information please call Margaret on 01424 777011.

If she is not in leave a message and telephone number and she will call you back as soon as she can.



Sunday School

Meets on Sunday mornings starting in Church and then moving to the Church Hall. When there is All Age Worship children stay in church with their parents for the entire service.

Sunday school is for ages from 4-11. Children are asked to arrive at church for the 10.30am service with their parents and, after the first hymn, Sunday School children go down to the Church Hall.  A rota of teachers are on hand to tell stories and run simple activities to help children learn about Jesus. Sessions are made up of some Bible teaching, discussion, prayer, craft, cooking, drama and art.

 (Under 4s are welcome - with an accompanying adult.)  


For more information contact Tina French on 01424 892580.

Sunday Club

Meets on Sunday mornings starting in Church and then moving to the Prayer Centre. When there is All Age Worship the youth stay in church with their parents for the entire service. Sunday Club is for young people

of secondary school age. 

After the first hymn in church,

this group moves to the Prayer Centre. 

A rota of leaders offer a range

of age-appropriate activities, teaching and discussion.  


For more information contact John French on 01424 892580



Information for parents

Children and young people start off in church every Sunday. On the fourth Sunday we bring them up to church after their separate sessions to join in Communion.


On the other Sundays [except when there is All Age Worship]  the children and young people stay in the Church Hall until you collect them.


We ask that you:

make sure your children are wearing clothes suitable for various activities. 


Let us know if your child has any allergies or problems we should be aware of.


Come and collect your child/children and enjoy tea and coffee with us as soon as the service is over. 

Safeguarding Children

We are fully committed to the safety of everyone in our care; all our leaders are DBS checked, and occasional helpers are closely supervised. We aim to abide by Diocesan child protection and safeguarding guidelines. 


Our appointed Child Protection Officers are: 
Jay Ashworth - 01424 893040 
Nick Thompson - 01424 894211 

Our teachers and leaders are:

Rachel Bickersteth (Coordinator)
Tina and John French 
Penny Wenham 

Paul Wenham
Judy Newton 
Michael Birkett 
Nick Thompson 
Jonathan Webster 
David Amos 
Heather Robyn 

Carol Kobylka 

Nicole Proudfoot

Clive Mills

Margaret Mills

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